Rockets Professional Bottle BB 0.20g


Rockets Professional Bottle BB 0.20g

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Rockets Professional 0,20g BBs – 3000 pcs

The long-awaited, high-quality and high-precision Rockets BBs. Thanks to a special manufacturing process, the Rockets ensure a magnificent accuracy and repetability of placed shots.

In the post-production process, each of the Rockets BBs is carefully polished to a high gloss, the BBs are coated with a special layer that reduces friction. This  ranslates into better cooperation with the Hop-Up bucking.

A fully controlled production process guarantees a perfect sphericity of the BB without visible seams or defects. Lack of air chambers inside the ball as well as a well-placed center of balance result in a very good repeatability of shots. The diameter is 5.95 mm (+/- 0.01 mm), and the differences in the weight of individual pellets does not exceed 0.01 g.


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