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Price List:

We have a few packages available:
Combo 1 (pistol and rifle) for €16 per person
Combo 3 (pistol, rifle and automatic) €20 per person

Pistol: 200 shots & 4 targets
Rifle: 120 shots & 8 targets
Automatic: 300-350 shots & 1 target

Family Package 1: 2 adults + 2 children (under 16)
or 1 adult + 3 children (under 16)
Price €50 Based on Combo 1
Extra person(s) @ €14 per person.


Family Package 2: 1 adult and 2 children (under 16)
Price €50 Based on Combo 3
Extra person(s) @ €18 per person.



Kilkenny Airsoft is the only  American style indoor airsoft shooting range in Ireland. The facilities are there to cater for everyone, from experienced shooters to those who have never held a gun before. Special packages are on offer for families (all participants must be 8 or older), birthday parties and even hen and stag parties.Drinks and food are of course available, and the location in Wallslough Village is both convenient – just 3km from Kilkenny city centre – and beautiful. People are travelling there from all over the country to experience the range’s super-fun activities.


And what about those who carry out airsoft outside of the range? Kilkenny Airsoft Tactical Suqad is a team whose members use airsoft to act out simulated battles and games in fields. They meet regularly at Kilkenny Airsoft to have a relaxed chat, share knowledge and practice. Why not join? They are always looking for new members. Contact the range for the next meeting date.


Whether you’re a more experienced shooter than John McClane or just looking to try something new, come along to the range that is Kilkenny Airsoft, Wallslough Village, Wallslough, Kilkenny. You’ll have a blast.




Range Rules

Age restriction of 8 years and older apply’s

Safety glasses are to be worn at ALL times when in the range area.

Accidental discharge may cause injury, it is the duty of all shooters to maintain safety at all times. 

ALWAYS keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction ie. Down Range

ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

ALWAYS keep your firearm unloaded until you are ready to use it.

Make sure the firearm is clear of projectiles when not in use.

Magazines are to be removed when transporting the firearm. (even if its empty)

ALL firearms transported to and from the range must be in a bag or case. Its the law.

1 joule rule (328fps) applies to all firearms brought on site. Firearms will be tested with a chronograph before you can use them. 


Q:- Can U Bring Your Own Guns?

A:- Yes you can but we will chronograph the firearms before you can use them.

Q:- Do I need to a reservation?


A:- Groups of 4 or more are required to make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance in order to guarantee rental equipment. If you have not made a reservation please ring as early as possible as a time slot may available due to a cancellation. 


Q:-  How old do you have to be?


A:- Age 8 and over


Q:- How do I order from this website?


A:- Browse the website in search of the items you wish to purchase.

Place selected items into shopping cart and check out.

Confirm delivery address on ‘Delivery Information’ page. For orders over €200.00, the website will automatically select ‘Free Ground Shipping’.

Confirm your order total with shipping on the ‘Payment Information’ page. You may pay with a credit card via Paypal.

Q :- I’m looking for a primary gun, what is the best one to get?

A :-  The most popular type of primary gun is the Automatic Electric Gun (AEG). AEG’s are battery powered guns that typically replicate rifles and SMGs, like the AK47 or MP5. These are the most efficient airsoft guns because the batteries are rechargeable, the only non-renewable factor of use with AEGs are the BBs. There are numerous advantages to having an AEG. Compared to gas guns AEGs are able to have a more consistent rate of fire. Also, they are able to fire fully automatic, where as spring guns need to be cocked back for every shot.

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