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  • Our most affordable GBB pistol to date.
  • Made primarily from heavyweight ABS plastic with a metal internal frame, this is still a heavy pistol coming in at 810g.
  • Features many metal parts, including the hammer, safety, trigger, slide release, disassembly lever, guide rod and magazine.
  • Features a fixed hop-up unit for great accuracy out of the box.
  • Semi-automatic blowback operation.
  • Working safety catch disables the connection between the hammer and trigger, and slide locks open on the last round fired.
  • Takes standard green gas.
  • Sights are based upon the real M9 and offer a great sight picture.
  • Disassembles just like the real steel.
  • Great value for the budget concious player.
  • Additional magazines available by order
  • Fires at: 290fps
  • Weighs: 810g
  • Length: 210mm


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