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Gen. 4 Glock 17 GBB

The Glock is an iconic family of pistols, synonymous with law enforcement due to its exceptional reliability.

This particular model is the Glock 17, which is seen in countless film and TV series, most commonly seen in the hands of on-screen FBI agents. It is semi-auto only, and easily one of the most instantly recognisable pistols of all time. The Glock gained widespread acclaim due to scaremongering from the press upon its initial release, falsely claiming that it could pass through airport security because it is a polymer-made pistol. This led to it being referred to as the ‘terrorist’ pistol, which is ironic considering it is now most commonly used by military and police forces around the world!

WE-Tech’s replica of the Glock G17 is sublime – the texture of polymer is fantastic, due in part to the higher fibreglass content than in many other brands (KSC, Guarder, TM etc.). Colouring is fantastic – it is not quite jet black, nor is it an off-black; it makes the gun look like a gun. The grip sits comfortably in the hand, and the controls are extremely ergonomic. Magazine release is placed exactly where you would expect it, and slide release is in easy reach of your thumb (provided you’re not shooting southpaw).

The gun features a 20mm accessory rail to allow the mounting of lasers, torches etc., giving it a more tactical look.

WE have based their design off of the TM-spec Glock as opposed to the KSC gas version, so you can expect a higher degree of accuracy and reliability over the KSC/KWA. It is powered by green gas, and performs excellently all year round – it is nowhere near as susceptible to cool down as older designs, though we would still recommend warming the magazine before shooting!



This pistol requires a Green Gas for it to operate (NOT INCLUDED)

Technical Specification:

  • Construction: Full metal
  • Type: Gas Blow Back Recoil
  • Energy: Up to 1 J
  • Mag Capacity: 24bbs
  • Firing Mode: Semi-Automatic
  • Hop – Up: Adjustable
  • Powered by: Green Gas


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